Upright-Fence has been serving Michigan and the USA since 1970. Still family owned and operated, we offer the best in residential fencing and commercial fencing solutions.

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FAQ - Upright Fence, Inc.

Which fence is the most maintenance-free?

You can't go wrong with vinyl fencing when it comes to being maintenance-free. Their beauty lasts for years with virtually no work to maintain them. Chain link fences are also maintenance-free.

Do you guarantee your fence products?

We stock only high-quality fencing products. You can count on Upright Fence to stand behind all of our products. We offer a 5-year warrantee on all of our installations.

How high a fence do I need for my yard to be able to contain a large dog?

We recommend a 6' privacy fence to ensure your pet's safety.

How long does it take to order a fence and get it installed?

A lot depends on from city to city in respect to how long it takes to get permits, calling miss dig and if the material is in stock or has to be ordered. Generally speaking, you can have most fencing installed within 2 - 4 weeks.

How do I determine the code restrictions for pool fencing?

Check with your city inspector's office.

Are there certain paints/stains you recommend to seal wood fences?

Any of the sealants made by major manufacturers are fine. Keep in mind that you'll get more even coverage if you spray it on than if you brush it on. Never use paint on a fence, always use a stain/sealant.

How do you find the lot line?

You can talk to your neighbors and come to an agreement or have a stake survey done by a registered surveyor.

Who takes care of getting permits and calling Miss Dig?

Upright Fence will take care of these tasks as part of the installation process.

How deep do you set fence posts?

Upright Fence cements posts in, 42" deep.

Upright Fence, Inc.

37915 Ford Road
Westland, MI 48185

(734) 729-5172